Ecomotors Group was founded in 2009 for uniting the efforts to expand the market of sales and 

customer service of vehicles running on electricity.

Each company of Ecomotors Group has an access to a single database of suppliers around the 

world and the opportunity to represent their products and services in a unified network of 


Our geography

Today Ecomotors Group is represented in Europe (Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, 

Germany), Asia (United Arab Emirates) and the United States.

Our products and services

The whole network of Ecomotors Group represents the best samples of electric vehicles and 

goods for active recreation. Monowheels, Segway, electric scooters and bicycles, motorcycles 

ZERO, electric vehicles and vehicles with hybrid engines from inexpensive cars BIRO, SMART 

and golf-carts to the flagship TESLA.

Repair and warranty service of the electric vehicles is carried out on Ecomotors Group own 

service stations.

Since 2013 we became the official dealer of Mitsubishi of hybrid cars Mitsubishi iMEV and 

Outlander P-HEV.

We plan to establish and further develop a multi-brand international trading company. An 

extensive sales network and a unified system of direct purchase from the manufacturers allows 

to obtain the most favorable conditions for all members of Ecomotors Group.


The further expansion of Ecomotors Group will be carried out towards the engagement of new 

partners as well as towards the development of the franchise line. For customers of franchises 

Ecomotors Group offers access to all the purchased goods at the lowest prices, training and 

service support.